Assignment: Preview Survey

That professors can require their students to complete assignments even before class begins is not well known. But now you know! 🙂

Please follow the link to a preview survey that will tell me a bit about your goals and plans for Composition 2. Consider it your first chance to get what you really want out of our class. The more straightforward you are with me, the better I can meet your needs. If you really just want to get through the course with minimal interference from me, please say so. If you prefer a lot of personal attention, I’m delighted to provide that too.

Do this right away if you don’t want to hear from me about it again. Or take your time and expect to receive email reminders about it until I get your survey. But do it before the first class meeting, please, so I’ll know something about you when we meet, and to avoid the zero.

Thank you. Click here to take survey


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Inventor of and sole practitioner of 299-word Very Short Novels.
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