Room Change Very Important

Hello, Comp 2 Students!
More specifically, Hello:

  • Adam Tutolo
  • Anthony Matias
  • Brent Adkins
  • Brianne Waters
  • Chris DiSarcina
  • Daniel Primavera
  • Frederick Casario
  • Jodi Dziedzic
  • Joe Passalacqua
  • Justin Baker
  • Kailee Whiting
  • Kenyah King Ho-Sang
  • Kevin Buttari
  • Kirsten Smith
  • Mike Middleton
  • Nicole Clark
  • Rory O’Connell
  • Samantha Kovnat
  • Sean Gorbig
  • Steven LeBano
  • Taylor Brody
  • William Kluge

If your name appears bold in the list above, you’ve responded to my email about our classroom change. If it doesn’t, you’re probably not reading this. 🙂 If it’s bold and red, you’ve also completed the Preview Survey. Thanks!

We’ve moved.
We’re no longer in Wilson Hall. Instead, we’ve moved to the Mac lab in the Education building (now known as James Hall). EDUC 2110.

Our entire course will be conducted on this class blog, so we needed a computer lab to have access to our course materials.

Banner may update the meeting place or Banner may not; regardless, we’ll be meeting in EDUC 2110. I’ll see you there on January 22, from 3:15 to 4:30! Enjoy the rest of your break.


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