Quiz: The Invention of Money

As I write this post on Thursday afternoon, January 24, 1:30PM, only 14 of you have clicked on the link to Milton Friedman’s essay about the Invention of Money, and only 10 of you have clicked the links leading to the NPR broadcasts about the Yap and the invention of the Brazilian real.

This discourages me that I’ll be able to give you reading and listening assignments with faith that you’ll all study the material. Many of you indicated in your before-semester preview surveys that you value in-class discussions on controversial topics. I do too, but we can only engage in them if we’ve all shared some background information. Otherwise, the “discussions” become lectures or chances for one or two students to dominate the conversation and others to listen.

Until I’m confident you’re doing the required reading before coming to class, I’ll quiz you when you arrive on a “discussion” day. I’d love not to have to, and I’ll stop as soon as you demonstrate that you’re all coming to class well informed.

For today, follow this link to the quiz on The Invention of Money.


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