Most Unlikely Photos

While listening to a radio broadcast about an artist whose project is to find and photograph true pairs of doppelgangers (unrelated humans so similar they look like twins), I was reminded of a more interesting experiment involving two photos of one individual.

The theory goes that beauty is largely a matter of symmetry, and that a person with symmetrical features is considered attractive to mate with. How most of us end up looking as we do evolutionarily is still a mystery to me, but I was intrigued by the idea of facial asymmetry, enough to start messing around with photos of people I knew.

Most of us have faces so asymmetrical that the two sides of our faces, doubled and mirror-imaged, create new faces that look barely related to one another, let alone twins.

David Composite

These are all me. The center photo, I hope, looks recognizable. It’s me from five years ago. The left photo is the left side of my face paired with its mirror image; the right version is my right side paired with its reverse.

I should warn you, I’m working on composites of each of you for class Thursday. I won’t post them without your permission, but I will show them to you for your own amusement.

Here’s Kailee’s composite:

Kailee Composite

Let me know if you’d like to see your own unlikely photos here (but without the “real” center image that actually looks like you).

Here’s something a little bit different:

bush obama morph


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4 Responses to Most Unlikely Photos

  1. kaileewhiting says:

    I can’t wait! I want to see my composite.

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