PTSD – Justin Baker

PTSD is a life changing effect on somebody’s life. PTSD undoubtedly affects not only many veterans, but their families as well. Children tend to mimic their parent’s actions, so if their parents are belligerent and very anxious, their children will begin to incorporate such actions into their lives. Spouses of war veterans have a very tough job. Spouses are without their partners for an extended period of time and miss them very much. When war veterans come home, after all they have seen and done in war, they have changed greatly. Their spouses are not very sure who they are anymore and it takes a toll on them after thinking for so long that they would be the same person when they returned home.

While every war veteran does not have PTSD, many of them do, and their symptoms vary. Some war veterans have worse symptoms than others. War veterans have a very tough time readjusting to every day civilian life, even without PTSD symptoms. Families of war veterans do so much to take care of them so they can be the person they remember, but it is very hard. While some war veterans do recover and are a lot better, many war vets have a life full of night terrors and anxiety problems after they years they spend in the military. PTSD affects not only war veterans, but their families as well, and is a large price to pay to defend your country.

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