PTSD- Anthony Matias

If having bullets fly by your head, narrowly escaping death and watching your comrades, your friends die in front of your eyes wasn’t bad enough. Many soldiers come back to the states reliving those events on a day by day basis and there is almost nothing that they can do to stop these intense instances from replaying in their heads. This condition is known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) this horrible isn’t just hard on the soldiers but it is very hard to diagnose because their is such little evidence and research on it.

The people who suffer the most are the families of these soldiers that come back with PTSD because they are dragged onto the battlefield that is playing in their loved ones heads. It eventually gets to seem to be real for the families, if your husband or father acts worried or paranoid your probably going to act the same way in most cases. especially children, they look up to their fathers that have been in the army and will start to imitate the things their fathers do. My friend from back home is living example, his father was almost killed from behind while eating dinner while he was on tour in Iraq. To this day he has to sit with his back against the wall so he can see all the exits and so he knows he won’t be acted from behind. My friend is the same way he doesn’t like to turn his back on the people behind him because he is paranoid like his father. So, PTSD could be contagious in some cases but it is very hard to tell.

PTSD is serious, the smallest slam from a door can set of a whole mine field in someone’s head or a common car alarm could make a grown man duck and cover like a missile was headed his way. PTSD isn’t airborne, isn’t viral, not even bacterial but if you believe that your standing side by side on that “imaginary battlefield” with your loved one, then your stuck their with them.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Wow. Anthony. You’ve come a long way. There’s a grammar error every ten or fifteen words here. If you ask me to, I’ll gladly color code them for you. (But I hope you’ll be able to locate them—and fix them!—for yourself.)

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