PTSD- Dan Primavera

You would think that once a person leaves their time of service in any form of military, whether it be the navy/marines/army/air force, they would be leaving their stresses and hardships behind them. But, in many circumstances that is not the case. Many ex-military persons are subjected to the “disease” called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which causes much of these ex servicemen or women to suffer through terrible forms of depression or flashbacks from their time of service.

In many cases PTSD can harmfully effect not only the ex servicemen/women, but their friends and family as well. Saying that PTSD is contagious seems a little bit far fetched because obviously the friends and family of this person suffering from PTSD do not and can not fully understand the hardships and terrible things the serviceman/woman must have went through. The friends and family can not understand these hardships and also will probably never know of them because a person suffering from PTSD would most likely not share these kinds of things with them.

Although, as previously stated, PTSD is not a contagious disease but the effects of the loved one or friends’ depression definitely has major effects on their colleagues. Saying that PTSD is a contagious disease is sort of stretching the case of its’ effects because of the fact that some who suffer from PTSD never actually show their depression or speak of it with their loved ones. But, there are many cases of PTSD very harmfully effected those around someone suffering from PTSD. I have read up some other stories of murders committed by those suffering or murder-suicide stories between husbands and wives who have many troubles because of this terrible occurrence.

I have many cousins and family friends who have served in many different forms of the military but have not seen any PTSD effects in their cases. But, this weekend I am actually going home to say goodbye to one of my long time best friends to see him before he leaves next Monday for the Navy. I would really hope that he does not suffer from anything like these cases I have read about and plan on helping him through anything like that once he is put if it were needed.

-Dan Primavera

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  1. davidbdale says:

    All these weeks later, you’re still wordy, Dan, but at least you’re not THIS wordy any more. 🙂

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