PTSD- Nicole Clark

Imagine feeling tightness throughout your entire body while your hearing becomes sensitive to every sound you may here.  You cannot help yourself from feeling so mad for no reason at all.  Imagine feeling like this all of the time.  Victims suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder feel this way every single day.  Many suffer from PTSD after returning from war due to the many tragedies they have witnessed during their time on the battlefield.  But imagine feeling this way even if you have never been to war or witnessed these terrible events.  There are people who suffer from PTSD who have never encountered shootings or bombings at war.  These people suffer the same effects that someone who has been to war has suffered.

PTSD is commonly known through war veterans but it is also seen to be transferred to their families.  Many people do not understand the life these people live and what they have to deal with every day.  The story of Caleb Vines and his wife Brannan is an interesting one.  Brannan has gained many of the symptoms that her husband who is living with PTSD has.  They hope that their daughter Katie does not get the same symptoms from living with her parents who are said to be suffering from the disorder and symptoms of the disorder.

PTSD may not be as contagious as certain sicknesses we see today but it does not mean that you cannot gain the symptoms.  Saying that PTSD can be transferred through human touch is absolutely ridiculous.  But being around the individual who is diagnosed with PTSD too much may increase their chances of gaining the symptoms of the disorder.  The disorder may not be physically contagious, but it seems as though it could be through psychological reasons.

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