PTSD- Rick Casario

Imagine anywhere you go, and even in one’s own home, nothing ever feels safe. That’s how veterans like Caleb live, day by day with PTSD. Being in and out of the service before 2010, Caleb suffered a considerable amount of head trauma on his tour of duty along with some horrorific  experiences with cleaning up bombing victims. Caleb, now home, struggles with his PTSD but now Caleb is not the only one who suffers from his mental disability. His wife Brannan and child Kaite now also show signs of things Caleb has such as depression, anxiety and in Brannan’s case, something called hyper-vigilance. Reading Mac Clelland’s article one can’t help but wonder, is PTSD really contagious? There is an important psychological reason as to why Brannan and Katie are expressing such symptoms. Living with Caleb for the years since his return from service, Caleb’s eratic  behavior absolutely influences his child because children learn from their parents. Brannan, on the other hand, may be legitamitely fearful of her husband and what the consequences could be if he snaps and comes after her or their daughter in a blind rage from hallucinating war-time memories. It is completely possible that the likelihood of many of the symptoms of PTSD transfer to families is a very serious reality.

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