PTSD – Rory O’Connell

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a serious mental disease that not only affects the soldier who went to war, but their family who has to deal with the secondary traumatic stress. Had anyone else been in Brannan’s place, taking care of both her daughter and her husband, they would start showing signs of trauma and snap more easily. PTSD isn’t contagious in its self but living with loved ones who take care of the victim takes its toll on them. It’s very likely that Brannan was feeling anxious, irritable, and even terror when her husband was having an episode.

The trauma is also visible in their daughter Katie. She has shown signs of anger and irritability like her father. Mac McClelland asked the VA if they would treat kids for secondary trauma, their spokespeople “stressed that it has made great strides in family services in recent years.” Trauma transferring to a veterans children can happen just as easily, if not more so, then transferring to their spouse.

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    Preliminary grade applied and recorded. Please make grammar and syntax corrections for a new grade, Rory.

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