Money Rewrite – Adam Tutolo

Before hearing about the Yap this past week and other stories I never really thought about how controversial money really is to the world. There is no set value to money it varies from place to place. In reality money is fiction, but these days  wealth is measured in the amount of paper bills you have in your bank account. It’s crazy to think how important money is to us in the world today, but say we were starving we couldn’t eat a twenty dollar bill. However, It’s ironic that people die of starvation because they don’t have these pieces of paper in their pocket. To an outsider it would seem logical to just give these poor people some of this paper and they would survive. That is the sick joke, if the government did that then the money that was given to them wouldn’t be worth anything.

What happened in Brazil in the 1990s just goes to show that your hard earned money can become worthless in a short amount of time and there is nothing anyone  can not do anything to change that. The people of Brazil were content with believing that their money was worth something, then the government decided who cares about our people’s money lets build a city and print money to do it. This caused hyper inflation, also known as economic suicide. So i asked myself who was more organized with their money? The government of Brazil or the people of Yap. I would say Yap they were fine living like they were until the Germans came along.

Most people in this country do not see or feel their money because it isn’t their for them to see or touch. A number on a computer screen represents the money they own. I guess we have developed an extreme amount of trust for these banks that hold our money.

The bottom line is people need money in this world to survive. Money can be the root of all evil or someones saving grace. Money drives us to work hard in life. No matter how illogical the idea of money is the fact is you need it. One day our money might become useless and there will be people saying “I told you so”.

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One Response to Money Rewrite – Adam Tutolo

  1. davidbdale says:

    Adam, you don’t appear to have read the detailed instructions for this assignment. Your essay is a mixture of bold opinions and first-person reflections. Your readers are confused. You didn’t ask for feedback, but you could if you plan to revise.

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