Money Rewrite- Nicole Clark

Currency is such an important aspect of our world today in which we use it for almost anything.   It has evolved so much over the years in many different countries.  It is still considered as important now than it was centuries ago.  People have worked hard for their money but the real value goes straight into our bank accounts.  Nowadays, money is usually not seen in our hands unless it is in the form of a debit card or even a check. We use these cards and checks to pay for things when we do not have the exact amount of currency in our hands.  You rarely see people paying with dollar bills when they own a credit card.

In a way, the whole concept of money is pretty strange. We are able to use money in the form of a dollar, but we can also use money in the form of plastic. This plastic card shows the cashier that we are completely able to afford what we want to buy.  But who’s to know that the card is actually theirs?  Or that the twenty dollar bill they are holding is worthless?  The concept of money may be strange but it requires a great amount of trust. The French trusted America to label their gold with their name on it in vaults. The Yap also expected everyone to be honest about the fei that they actually owned.  They did not see all of these actions being done with their own eyes but trusted that they were being carried through.   There is so much trust that our money is being protected and that it is actually there but we never really see it.

Currency may be considered strange but it works.  We have faith that our system works and has worked for so long.  Some may question this concept of currency but perhaps they should not.  Our system has worked for so long that maybe we should not question it at all and let it be.

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One Response to Money Rewrite- Nicole Clark

  1. davidbdale says:

    Nicole, please study the notes and suggestions given in the Rewrite assignment if you decide to revise this again, which you may certainly do. And request feedback if you want particular notes.

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