Money Rewrite – Rory O’Connell

Money was initially a solid, tangible object that people could hold onto and interact with. Today in the 21st century money is, for the most part, online and physically out of our hands.  In modern countries no one sees their money anymore, they trust that their bank can safely hold their online currency. This way of thinking is no different then the people of Yap and their monetary system. They put value into large limestone boulders that don’t even need to be on the same property as the owner, their money doesn’t physically change hands but they know who owns what boulder. The way they exchange currency is no different then the way we exchange our currency. We are taught that money changes hands and one person pays the other, but all that really happens is some digits in this account changes and some digits in that account changes.

Money for the most part doesn’t exist. It is a dated and an increasingly less common way of paying for goods and services. Currency on the other hand is an easier way for people to pay using a simple plastic card. The term money doesn’t define a physical object but rather a way of logic. Using the technology available money has become a relic and the ‘money’ is now simple digits on a computer. The only reason physical money existed is because it was easier on our minds visually, and previous limits in technology. Money has already been simplified to cards and online payments, eventually it will become something even less but still retain the currency put on it.

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One Response to Money Rewrite – Rory O’Connell

  1. davidbdale says:

    You have a breezy way of introducing and dispensing with big concepts, Rory, but your terminology is a mess. I could never guess whether you were going to say money, or currency; most of the time I was wrong, but I don’t blame my own instincts on this. You didn’t ask for feedback but you could if you want to revise.

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