Money Rewrite- Steve LeBano

The articles that our class discussed concerning the value of money really brought to light just how absurd the entire concept of money is. One word that immediately comes to mind for me is triviality. My first impression of the people of Yap were that they were foolish and absurd, and that their customs were highly abstract and far removed from our modern western culture. They’re not. At least they usually knew where their massive shiny stones were located; how many people can actually say that they’ve seen their “wealth” in person? The world’s currency exchange isn’t even backed by the gold standard anymore. At the same time though, currency is what makes our entire society function as it does today, for better or for worse. It’s really the only reason why most young adults attend college in the first place. Even if we cannot perceive any literal value in our currency, the vast majority still sees money as having unparalleled value. I recently visited a small diner that only accepted one form of currency; not credit, not debit, not check, but cash. This brought forward a great concept in deciphering our reliance on cash. Despite its abstract nature, currency is still the standard, and our trust in the dollar is what gives it its value at the end of the day. In dollar we trust.

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One Response to Money Rewrite- Steve LeBano

  1. davidbdale says:

    Steve, if you decide to rewrite this, first read carefully the expanded instructions and examples in the assignment. One extra pointer: it doesn’t help to say that you are going to make an important statement: This brought forward a great concept in deciphering our reliance on cash..What’s the concept?

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