Safer Saws Part 1- Brianne Waters

1. “A low percentage of the 30,000 annual (U.S.) table saw injuries are due to contact with the blade – most are from kickback.” (From “Bosch Tools Dragged Into SawStop-centric Lawsuit”)

2. This quote is from a long list of problems with the SawStop table saw as seen by the Power Tool Institute, which is comprised of many tool manufacturers. This quote is basically trying to say that most table saw injuries are not from coming in contact with the blade, which is the only thing the SawStop actually prevents.

3. This claim could be seen as two different types. Some may say that it is a causal claim because it is saying that most table saw injuries are caused by the kickback. Others may say that this is an evaluation claim because it is comparing the number of blade contact injuries with the number of kickback injuries. I personally believe it is more of an evaluation claim because it seems as though the Institute is stressing over the difference between the majority of injuries and what the SawStop actually prevents.

4. This claim is very persuasive because it helps prove that the SawStop does not prevent enough injuries to constitute its high cost. The claim helps the reader believe that no saw can really stop the majority of table saw injuries because no table saw has solved the problem of kickback. It helps compare their normal table saws with these new SawStops.

5. While they may be absolutely right on blade contact injuries being a low percentage of table saw injuries, I really do not believe that even that amount should be so easily looked over. Their claim states that about 30,000 table saw injuries occur in the United States every year. A low percentage of 30,000 is still a significant number when you think about each number representing a person’s lost finger or severely cut hand.

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