Safer Saws Part 1- Kailee Whiting

“’There’s a pattern of injury, a safety technology that can address it, and it’s affordable,’ says Sally Greenberg, executive director of the National Consumers League, which is joining Gass to push for a federal rule requiring all table saws to detect flesh and stop blades before they cut into it.” –USA Today

Sally Greenberg is saying there are many injuries from table saws and that we already have affordable technology that can prevent such injuries, which should be mandated on all table saws.

This claim is a proposal claim because it is saying that there is a problem, all the injuries from table saw accidents, and that the solution to the problem is, the safety technology.  Proposing that if we just use the safety equipment, we will no longer have any more injuries because of the blades.

The claim is incredibly simple, and yet persuasive to the audience.  Sally Greenberg doesn’t drone on and on about statistics or give us a wordy argument about SawStop.  Sally simply states that there’s a problem and gives us a way to fix that problem.  She doesn’t give us any more information or support for her claim, but the simplicity works to her advantage.

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One Response to Safer Saws Part 1- Kailee Whiting

  1. davidbdale says:

    Yep; your analysis is just as persuasive.

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