Safer Saws Part 1 – Mike Middleton

1. In the NPR broadcast, Chris Arnold reports about the consequential claims against normal table saws. “Table saw accidents send upwards of 40,000 people to emergency rooms across the US every year; according to federal governments estimates more than 3000 of those people suffer from amputations. That is workers in cabinetry shops, hobbyists, and kids in high school shop class end up cutting off their fingers or hands.”

2. This consequential claim reports to listeners how table saws cause serious hand injuries and possibly an amputation.

3. The quote above is a consequential claim as it defines table saws causing injuries; x causing y. There may also be an evaluation claim which purports the safety of regular table saws declaring them as dangerous.

4. The claim is accurate and reasonable because it is backed up by federal government estimates on the number of people injured by table saws. It improves the legitimacy of the argument and sets up the reporter for describing the purpose of SawStop and its practical use.

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