A04 Saws, Pt. 1- Steve LeBano

In an article by an anonymous contributor on Pro Tool Reviews regarding the Bosch Tool Company’s involvement with SawStop technology, the author claims Bosch’s reluctance to adopt SawStop technology stems from their concern that the overall price of table saws would increase by a significant amount. The author claims that “no manufacturer is anxious to pay SawStop an 8% license fee for this technology anytime soon, especially when the manufacturing for the technology alone will increase the average price of a table saw by anywhere from $150-$200 by the time it hits the shelves.”

The author is making a consequential claim in this statement. He/She is recognizing that tool companies, including Bosch, believe that the manufacturing and licensing costs involved with updating their table saws will result in both decreased profits and increased consumer cost. This quote helps support the argument that a legal mandate forcing saw companies to adopt this technology would be detrimental to both manufacturers as well as consumers. This is a reasonable claim, considering that companies like Bosch would have to completely revamp their entire table saw manufacturing process.

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One Response to A04 Saws, Pt. 1- Steve LeBano

  1. davidbdale says:

    Still, it doesn’t explain why Bosch isn’t interested in making the safer saws available at higher prices and letting the buyers decide.

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