An Alternative to SawStop

I found this while looking around, does it change the SawStop controversy?

I am not sure if it changes a thing.

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3 Responses to An Alternative to SawStop

  1. davidbdale says:

    Good find, Sammy! It might change nothing, but it does seem a major advance over the SawStop technology if it works as simply and inexpensively as its inventor wishes to assert.

    We don’t get to see or comprehend the stopping technique in this video, so it’s hard to judge the mechanics of the thing.

    But suppose . . . What if it’s the real deal, can be used to retrofit existing saws, doesn’t require an expensive part replacement, costs nothing to start again after a false positive, doesn’t destroy the blade . . . THEN how will the sawmakers respond? It could change everything.

    IF they turn down safer technology that has no downside, they’ll have a hard time claiming to care about their customers’ safety.

    IF they embrace the technology and pay the new inventor royalties, they can claim the new system is vastly superior to the older SawStop technology, thereby justifying their resistance to SS.

    IF they embrace the new system and pay the new inventor substantially less than Steve Gass wanted, they can spin it that they always wanted to provide safety, but could only do so when they could make an economically feasible product for their customers.

  2. kovnat77 says:

    hmmm, it seems as though this alternative brings a lot of “food for thought” to the table. Definitely gets the cogs spinning.

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