Delivering the News

Pass-through Card Fees

In the news this month is a controversy about laws to permit retailers to pass credit card “swipe fees” along to consumers. Merchants pay a fee to the credit card companies (banks) every time a card is swiped or a transaction is processed electronically, usually a percentage of the purchase price, or a flat fee per swipe.

Historically, retailers have “eaten” the fee rather than charge their credit card customers higher prices to defray the costs. New credit card regulations will make it easier for merchants to pass those fees directly to their customers, but many are reluctant to alienate their credit customers by doing so.

Meanwhile, they don’t seem to mind letting their cash customers subsidize credit card users by paying the same price for goods and services that cost the merchants less to sell. What’s being overlooked in this little controversy that never ceases to outrage consumers?

Media Reports

TV report about Credit Card Fee passthrough

WHYY News report about Credit Card fees

How to Spin your New Policy

What’s the best way for a retailer who has decided to pass through the processing fees to his credit card customers? Hint:

Stock Up and Save

Question for You

How would you rewrite the second poster to alert buyers to your new policy of building swipe fees into the purchase price of every item?

Card Fee

Quick in-class assignment

Submit your wording for the right-hand poster in the comments field below.


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One Response to Delivering the News

  1. kovnat77 says:

    When you pay in cash
    Save 4% off each item!
    Give yourself a break, pay cash and avoid the 4% card fee!

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