Safer Saws Part 1- Nicole Clark

“Gass (SawStop) is asking for 8 percent licensing/royalties on the wholesale price of each saw sold, a figure that many manufacturers view as near-extortion and monopoly position. This fee would also be passed on to consumers.”-Bosch Tools Dragged Into SawStop-centric Lawsuit

This claim explains that consumers are not looking to pay a higher fee when buying the tablesaw.

This claim is an evaluation claim because it states that a fee will be passed on to customers after the eight percent on the wholesale price is made.  Customers will have to pay a fee when buying a saw.

This claim explains what will happen when Gass is asking for an eight percent on the wholesale price.  Customers will also result in paying a fee if this follows through.  No one wants to pay an extra fee for anything and having to pay one for a table saw would not make a lot of people happy.

I do not think it is fair that customers will have to pay an extra fee.  People are conscious with their money but putting an extra fee on a table saw seems ridiculous to me in any situation.

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