Saws part 1 – Adam Tutolo

“The Craftsman saw, like all table saws sold in the United States, is required to be sold with a blade guard,” the complaint states. “However, the blade guard on the Craftsman saw is extremely difficult to use and must be removed for a user to make certain cuts with the saw. Once removed, it is extremely difficult to reattach the blade guard.” – says Leonard Smith a man who is suing Sears Roebuck and Co.

Smith is stating that the Saw he purchased is very inconvenient to use, especially when he has to make difficult cuts. He must remove the blade guarder to make the cuts and after doing so he severely injured the fingers on his left hand. Leonard Smith believes the flesh detection software should be implemented in this companies power tools.

The type of claim being made is consequential because as a result of the faulty equipment Smith has become seriously injured. He claims this would not have happened with flesh detection software and if the blade guard didn’t have to be taken off for specific cuts.

Smith does have a very important point in this argument. It seems that if many people have to take off the guard to make cuts this means that there are design flaws in this product. These design flaws in turn caused Smith to injure himself. He also states that this company should be using a flesh detection software for the well being of their customers. This goes without saying, power tool companies should be thinking of the safety of their customers above all else.

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