Saws Part 1- Jodi Dziedzic

1) On the National Consumers League’s, “Fact Sheet on Saw Safety,” it is stated that, “the benefits of improving table saw safety clearly outweigh the costs.”

2) The money people can avoid having to spend on injuries from saws that are already equipped with an automatic safety system does not compare to the cost it takes to install a safety system.

3) The type of claim this is would be a proposal claim, for it provides a clear reason why the installation of the safety system is beneficial.

4) This claim is short and to the point. Also, the information used to back up this claim seems factual and the author cites a statement made from a doctor/ Head of Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs for President George W. Bush. The simple use of comparison in the back up of this claim  basically sets down the important information. “It would cost approximately $100 per saw to put automatic safety technology on every table saw sold in the United States,” soon followed by, “an average table saw equipped with an automatic safety system will deliver $753 in benefits due to reduced injuries.” It then clearly states the main idea, “The $753 benefit per table saws with automatic safety technology, which means this safety requirement would be very cost-effective.” This claim seems reasonable and gives just enough information for it to be persuasive.

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One Response to Saws Part 1- Jodi Dziedzic

  1. davidbdale says:

    So also was your analysis persuasive.

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