Saws Part 1 – Justin Baker

An anonymous reporter from Pro Tool Reviews wrote, “Between the 8% fee and the additional hardware costs, your typical $400 jobsite saw would potentially rise in cost to around $625. Your entry level table saws would all but disappear. I’m not sure how well that will be received by consumers who can keep themselves safe and don’t need the Consumer Protection Safety Commission to do them any favors.”

In the above quote, the anonymous reporter is making a factual claim about making saws safer. The amount of money needed to make each saw sold safer is an absurd amount. A cheap saw turns into a pricier saw with the eight percent fee and additional hardware costs added to it. This quote is very accurate as it describes the cost needed to add the safety features to every saw. While people would be safer using the saws, saws would need to be fixed after every time the blade comes in contact with skin because the saw is broken. There would be more money involved in the industry with this change, but everyone would be a lot safer using saws.

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