Saws Part 1 – Kevin Buttari

“Wec says his permanent and “traumatic injury” could have been prevented if Bosch and its competitors had not rejected and fought against the safety technology.
Wec claims that “flesh detection and braking technology” and “user friendly blade guard(s)” have been available for years. The flesh detection technology stops a blade instantly when it is touched by human flesh. Wec says the technology could have prevented his 2007 injury from a Bosch miter saw.”

The above quote is a consequential claim taken from an article involving an injured man’s claim that Saw Stop could’ve prevented his injury if companies had installed the system to their saws.  While he doesn’t back his claim with much proof, he still makes an excellent point.  Saw Stop could have easily stopped this man’s injury and prevented Bosch, the company that made the saw, from potentially loosing over $30,000 in a law suit.

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One Response to Saws Part 1 – Kevin Buttari

  1. davidbdale says:

    True, and Mister Wec could have purchased a SawStop saw from the SawStop company and saved his own hand. Instead, he elected to buy a cheaper saw and take his chances.

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