Saws Part I—Billy Kluge

1. In the NCL Fact Sheet on Saw Safety the author states “One of these technologies, called SawStop, stops the blade within milliseconds of contact to minimize injury.  It is on the market already and has demonstrated its effectiveness with over 1000 finger saves.”

2. In this statement the author introduces the reader to the SawStop which is a table saw with a blade that stops when contacting human flesh therefore preventing injuries.

3. This quote is a consequential claim. The SawStop stops it’s blade quickly which causes minimal injury and has saved over 1000 fingers.

4. The claim made is very persuasive to the audience and gets the point across. It shows the reader that there is a safer method to table saws and that they have already been used to save numerous users from serious injuries. In these two sentences it is proven that the SawStop is a great alternative.

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One Response to Saws Part I—Billy Kluge

  1. davidbdale says:

    Nice work, Billy. Simple and effective.

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