Saws Part I—Sammy Kovnat

1. “I don’t know about the legal mumbo jumbo involved, but that sounds a lot like competition and a business decision to me. To hold Bosch liable for not making a bad business decision that would cost them lots of money seems a bit unreasonable if not ludicrous.”

2. The claim can be expressed in a more concise way:

2a.The lawsuit boils down to the simple fact that it is a business decision, and punishing them for making the best decision for their company is ludicrous.

2b. It is important to make the best responsible decision for your company, keeping in mind the consumer and the workers.

3. The type of claim made, is a proposal claim.

3a. Should they be held liable for making the best decision for their company?

3b. Being held accountable for ones actions regardless of consequence is a moral way to run a company.

4.The claim made above is a reasonable, yet easily argued point.

4a. It is reasonable because on one hand as a business owner one must take responsibility for its workers, and do whats best for the company.

4b. On the other hand, as a business owner, doing whats best for the consumer is a large factor as well.

4c. One could then say that doing whats best for ones company is not always the most moral decision to make when one considers the consumers safety.

4d. Doing what is “right” is a highly debated statement due to oppinion and factors contributing to the decision at hand.

4e. Having total control over how a business is run is up to its shareholders, not necessarily its consumers.

5. As much as the claim of  holding Bosch liable for not making bad business decisions that would cost their company lots of money is a valid claim statement, it brings up the question of weather or not the safety of the companies consumers is worth anything to corporate America? the extra money they would lose may end up making their company go under, just for the sake of safety. So, in todays society is safety considered unimportant? The claim statement analyzed above brings with it many opposing points that do not necessarily make it the most persuasive claim found in the Bosch Tools Dragged Into SawStop-Centric Lawsuit article.

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One Response to Saws Part I—Sammy Kovnat

  1. davidbdale says:

    Wow. That’s thorough. But after all that, you don’t draw your own conclusion. I hope you would today if you had the assignment to do over again, Sammy.

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