Grade, Feedback, and Conference Requests

Place your request for grades, feedback, or an instructor conference in the Reply field below.

GRADE or FEEDBACK: Also leave a comment on the post you’d like me to look at again, either for feedback, or for a chance at grade improvement. For just feedback, I will read your revised post as if it were new and not compare it to any earlier draft; for grade change, I’ll read it the same way and assign a new grade for better or worse.

CONFERENCE: Specify the date and time you’d like to meet. Before class Tuesday, After Tuesday, Before Thursday, or After Thursday, naming the Tuesday or Thursday of course. I’ll meet you at 2:15 unless you specify a different time. After sessions begin when class concludes.

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Inventor of and sole practitioner of 299-word Very Short Novels.
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92 Responses to Grade, Feedback, and Conference Requests

  1. cdisarcina says:

    Can i please get some feedback on my Money Rewrite?
    Thank You

  2. justinbaker2007 says:

    May i get feedback and a grade on my money rewrite? I believe I did a lot better on the rewrite than on the original. Thanks in advance!

  3. mmiddleton1 says:

    Please provide feedback on my SawStop claims. Thank you!

  4. tbrody92 says:

    I would like a grade on my Invention of Money rewrite, please!

  5. kaileewhiting says:

    Could I please get a grade on my Is PTSD Contagious?

  6. oconne92 says:

    Can I please get a grade on my PTSD and SawStop papers?

  7. clarkn92 says:

    Can I please receive some feedback on my SawStop Claims ? Thanks!

  8. briannewaters3 says:

    Hey could I get a grade for my Money Rewrite and feedback on my PTSD essay? Thanks!

  9. billykluge says:

    Can I please receive feedback/grade on my Invention of Money rewrite? Thank you.

  10. smithk53 says:

    Can I please receive a grade/feedback on my Money rewrite assignment? Thanks.

  11. kovnat77 says:

    I would really appreciate feedback on my money rewrite if you have time! Happy Valentines day!

  12. primav01 says:

    Next Thursday, March 7th after class would be a good time for my conference.

  13. clarkn92 says:

    Next Thursday, March 7th before class would be a good time for my conference. Please just let me know how early I should come in. Thanks !

    • davidbdale says:

      Thank you, Nicole. I think I can really help you. 2:15 would give us an hour, which I recommend. If you need a different time, drop me a reply here. Otherwise, I’ll see you at 2:15 Thursday.

  14. clarkn92 says:

    I totally forgot to ask where the conference is! Please send me a reply, Thanks!

  15. anthonymatias97 says:

    Can I schedule a conference regarding the defenitional and casual essay today after class. Sorry for the short notice but, I’m a little confused on what exactly has to be in each. Plus, I want to discuss a new angle that I want to write my paper on.

    • davidbdale says:

      I’ll be at class an hour early today, Anthony. You might be able to snag me for a few minutes then. I can also stay about 15 minutes after class, but not an hour today. We might also be able to talk during class since there is likely to be some “exercise” time.

  16. briannewaters3 says:

    Hey Professor Hodges! I know it seems months late, but I was wondering if I could get a grade change on the Polio Source assignment? Thanks!

  17. Nicole Clark says:

    Hi Professor Hodges. I have been changing my thesis a lot lately for my essay and I wanted to change it to something less broad. I was wondering if you had any suggestions, Thanks !

  18. oconne92 says:

    Can I get some feedback on my causal essay?

  19. kaileewhiting says:

    Could I get feedback on my Causal Essay?

  20. smithk53 says:

    Can I get feedback/a grade on my rebuttal essay. Thanks!

  21. tbrody92 says:

    Can I get feedback on my Rebuttal Essay, please?

  22. briannewaters3 says:

    Hey can I get some feedback on my rebuttal argument? Thank you very much!

  23. mmiddleton1 says:

    Could I please get feedback on my Casual Essay? Thanks!

  24. lebano55 says:

    Could I get feedback on A13?

  25. Feedback on Causal Essay and Visual Argument

  26. clarkn92 says:

    Could I get some feedback on my Rebuttal Essay ? Thanks !

  27. primav01 says:

    Could I please get some feedback on my Rebuttal Essay?

  28. adamtwths says:

    Can I have some feedback on my causal essay? Thanks.

  29. cdisarcina says:

    Could I get feedback on my Rebuttal Essay? P & TY

  30. justinbaker2007 says:

    Could I get feedback on my rebuttal essay? Thank you!

  31. adamtwths says:

    Professor I am having diffucultly with my rebuttal essay if you know of an article i could use for it and could let me know that’d be great. Thanks.

  32. billykluge says:

    Could I get feedback on my causal essay please?

    Also I’m not sure if you saw my comment on my White Paper. I revised it and would appreciate a grade on it. Thank you.

  33. adamtwths says:

    Professor I fixed up my definition essay for a regrade if possible, thanks.

  34. anthonymatias97 says:

    I fixed my white paper, causal and rebuttal essay and I revised my money paper. Can you check those out as soon as possible.

  35. kaileewhiting says:

    Fixed my definitional essay.

  36. briannewaters3 says:

    Hey could you possibly give me feedback on the visual argument and the causal argument? And possibly give me a grade for the causal to see which arguments I will put in the portfolio. Thanks

  37. kovnat77 says:

    Professor Hodges,
    If you get the time, I would really appreciate a look at my Rebuttal Essay so that I can begin discerning which essays are my strongest.
    Thank you so much.

  38. mmiddleton1 says:

    Could I please get a grade on my Rebuttal Essay? Thank you!

  39. clarkn92 says:

    Hi Professor, I am about to send in my portfolio on the blog but I just wanted to make sure that I did it right. My name under author is supposed to be unchecked and the only boxes checked should be the A16:Your Portfolio, Portfolio, and my name under portfolio correct? I wasnt sure if the actual essay box should be checked too for example A15:Reflective Statement.

    • davidbdale says:

      You’ve stated the situation correctly, Nicole.
      Uncheck your Name under Author.
      Uncheck Author if it’s checked.
      Leave the Assignment name checked.
      Then check your name under Portfolio.
      Checking the actual word Portfolio is optional.

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