Safer Saws Part II – Adam Tutolo

1. Manufacturers -” It would cost approximately $100 per saw to put automatic safety technology on every table saw sold in the United States.” According to Dr. John D. Graham, head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs for President George W. Bush. This is a consequential claim because when the technology is implemented in the saws the company is spending 100 dollars per saw to do this.

2. Customers – A man who was cut by a miter saw says Robert Bosch Tool Corp. “colluded with its competitors” and lobbied the Consumer Protection Safety Commission to keep “flesh detection and braking technology” from being required on table saws. This is a consequential claim. Since the saw companies all colluded to not implement the new technology this customer was hurt by the unsafe saw.

3. Industry Spokespeople – “Approximately 40,000 Americans go to hospital emergency rooms every year with injuries sustained while operating table saws.  About 4,000 of those injuries – or more than 10 every day – are amputations.” This a consequential claim. It shows the statistics on the injuries people are receiving from table saws.

4. Consumer Saftey Advocates – “It is time for the Consumer Product Safety Commission to act quickly to enact a performance standard that would require table saws to mitigate injuries when blade contact occurs or is about to occur.” This is a proposal claim. The Consumer Safety Commission is proposing that we act quickly against these companies before more injuries occur.

5. Injured Plaintiffs -The lawsuit was brought on behalf of Carlos Osorio, who suffered severe, permanent finger injuries after using a Ryobi table saw. The court found that the table saw’s manufacturer, One World Technologies, was liable for Osorio’s injuries for failing to include the SawStop safety mechanism in the Ryobi table saw. This is a definitive claim. One World Technologies is responsible for this man’s injuries and it was proven in court.

6. Personal Injury Lawyers – “People who have lost fingers, hands, and arms to table saws have been devastated by their injuries. Those who lack medical insurance suffer an unfathomable amount of pain, multiple surgeries, and a bill that they may never be able to pay so long as they are unable to work.” This is a consequential claim because it is stating how the people with table saw injuries are currently suffering in life. They find it hard to pay their medical bills because they can no longer work from their injury they sustained from the table saw.

7. Government Officials – “When the Commission first considered this issue in 2006, the injury statistics and disturbing natures of these life-altering, yet preventable injuries were unacceptable.” This is a categorical claim because it states how this issue is disturbing and life-altering. This claim gets straight to the point and says this is unacceptable.

8. News Reporters – “The primary technology used by the majority of table saw manufacturers to prevent table saw injuries is a plastic blade guard.  This technology has remained essentially the same for over 50 years.” This is a consequential claim. Since the safety technology on saws is very dated it has cause many injuries. This claim is saying that this needs to be changed.

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One Response to Safer Saws Part II – Adam Tutolo

  1. davidbdale says:

    Very nice, Adam. It’s possible you’re at your best when you analyze someone else’s claims instead of making your own. Does that sound fair? You need specific material to react to and are less comfortable generating your own. You’re a critic, not a creator. Remember that as you plan your life! 🙂
    Or ignore me. What do I really know about you?

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