Saws Part 2 – Baker

1. Manufacturers – “Power Tool Institute takes strong offense to the concept of making safety devices like this mandatory on products like table saws. They cite both technical and practical/financial problems with mandating SawStop technology.” The claim made in the previous quote is an evaluation claim. While putting new safety features on saws could be helpful, it would cost companies a lot more money. Many companies are against making their saws safer just because it would cost them a lot of money.

2. “I am 110% against a mandated requirement for this device, especially when it is profit motivated.”  The claim made in the previous quote is an evaluation claim. It states that the requirement for the SawStop is bad because it is motivated solely by profit. The customer does not expand on that statement and loses a lot of credibility.

3. “Approximately 40,000 Americans go to hospital emergency rooms every year with injuries sustained while operating table saws.”  The previous quote is a consequential claim because it shows the consequences when people use table saws, which are that 40,000 Americans go to hospitals every year with injuries related to operating table saws.

4. “Current table saw safety standards have proven ineffective in protecting consumers.”  The above quote is a proposal claim. The quote is supported with stats in the article. If the quote was by itself without any facts and statistics, the credibility of it would be diminished greatly.

5. “The lawsuit was brought on behalf of Carlos Osorio, who suffered severe, permanent finger injuries after using a Ryobi table saw. The court found that the table saw’s manufacturer, One World Technologies, was liable for Osorio’s injuries for failing to include the SawStop safety mechanism in the Ryobi table saw.” The previous quote is a definitive claim. It is a definitive claim because One World Technologies was blamed for Osorio’s injuries. The court sided with Osorio.

6. “The Schmidt Firm, LLP is currently accepting Table Saw Injury cases in all 50 states. If you or somebody you know has been injured after using a table saw, you should contact our lawyers immediately for a free Table Saw lawsuit consultation.” The previous quote is a causal claim. It claims that if someone is injured using a table saw, that person can make money off of their injury.

7. “When the Commission first considered this issue in 2006, the injury statistics and disturbing natures of these life-altering, yet preventable injuries were unacceptable.”  The previous quote is a consequential claim. It is such a claim because it affirms the actuality of the injuries caused due to table saws.

8. “The plaintiff is demanding more than $30,000 from Bosch for negligence, breach of warranty and product liability.”  The previous quote is an evaluation claim. It is an evaluation claim because the news tells everyone what is happening in the case.

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