Saws Part II – Billy Kluge

1. Manufacturers: “Steve Gauss thinks it (SawStop) could work on many kinds of power saws, nail guns, wood chippers, and factory equipment that seriously injure hundreds of thousands of people every year around the country.” This is a casual claim. The current saws are a problem and SawStop can solve it.

2. Customers: “Lopez and Harmon both say the extra cost is worth it if it prevents just one trip to the hospital for any one of the twenty five employees they have between them.” This is a casual claim.

3. Industry Spokespeople: “Safety doesn’t sell.” This is an evaluation claim. Safety would not balance out the coast of implementing the SawStop.

4. Consumer Safety Advocates: “Consumer advocates are asking the Consumer Products Safety Commission, the federal agency responsible for protecting Americans from dangerous products, to require manufacturers to include the new safety mechanism.” This is a proposal claim.

5. Injured Plaintiffs: “Wec says his permanent and ‘traumatic injury’ could have been prevented if Bosch and its competitors had not rejected and fought against the safety technology.” This is a consequential claim made by a man injured from a Bosch table saw. Had the table saw used the new safety technology, he would not have been injured.

6. Personal Injury Lawyers: “The Schmidt Firm, LLP is currently accepting Table Saw induced injury cases in all 50 states.” This is a proposal claim.

7. Government Officials: “California legislators are trying to pass a law that would require all table saws sold after January 1, 2015 to have flesh-sensing safety technology. Proponents say the law would prevent thousands of injuries and billions in costs to society.“ This is a proposal claim, it is stating a solution to the unsafe saw problem.

8. News Reporters: “For some time now an inventor has been trying to persuade power tool makers to use a new safety device. It’s called SawStop, it stops a saw blade almost instantly after hitting human flesh.” This is a definitional claim. It is defining the new safety device, the SawStop.

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One Response to Saws Part II – Billy Kluge

  1. davidbdale says:

    In several cases here, you identify proposals, but they’re somebody else’s, not the author’s. In those cases the claims are not proposal claims; they’re just reports of somebody else’s proposals. Is the difference clear? Also, everywhere you say casual, you mean causal. Otherwise, this is good stuff, Billy.

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