A05 Part 1 – Brent Adkins

“Record for Polio Vaccination”
Google News – http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/chennai/a-record-in-polio-vaccination/article4372270.ece

“‘We attach importance to child healthcare adhering to the “sound mind and sound body” principle. In the last 15 years 4,000 kids were administered polio vaccines. We have on our own 1,400 kids below five years studying in our KG section. Their parents brought other kids from their neighbourhood as we requested them to spread the message’, said V. Mageswari, CEO.”

Polio Vaccine

The Indian school of Everwin Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Kolathur has been administering, without help from global organizations, the polio vaccine to children for years.  Their initiative has helped administer over 16,000 vaccines in the past two years, showing that not every country needs the help of America and other global leaders to help rid the world of polio.

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2 Responses to A05 Part 1 – Brent Adkins

  1. davidbdale says:

    That’s an interesting angle, Brent. The quote is a little hard to understand out of context, but makes more sense now that I’ve followed your link back. You could have included the charming photo of the kids lined up to set a new world record for mass inoculation. I’ve added it to your post.

  2. davidbdale says:

    I sense there’s an argument in your selection and description, Brent. “Showing that not every country needs help” is a subtle accusation that America and other leaders have been patronizing India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and other countries where polio has been hard to eradicate. Is that your feeling?

    India’s accomplishment, in particular, has been quite remarkable, since it was such a persistent harborer of polio infections and has now been rid of the disease for years. Now, if you were to follow this line of reasoning further, you’d want to investigate to what degree, if at all, American and other global efforts have been responsible (as leaders or for support) for that success.

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