A05 Part 1- Jodi Dziedzic

“In an article reported by News24.com, a South African online news Web site, Sule Ya’u Sule, speaking for the governor of Kano, is quoted as saying: ‘Since September 11, the Muslim world is beginning to be suspicious of any move from the Western world…Our people have become really concerned about polio vaccine’ [14]. In the same article, Datti Ahmed, a Kano-based physician who heads a prominent Muslim group, the Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria (SCSN), is quoted as saying that polio vaccines were ‘corrupted and tainted by evildoers from America and their Western allies.’ Ahmed went on to say: “We believe that modern-day Hitlers have deliberately adulterated the oral polio vaccines with anti-fertility drugs and…viruses which are known to cause HIV and AIDS” [14].

The New York Sun reported that this fear of polio vaccines in northern Nigeria ‘caught on because of the war in Iraq’ [15]. Ali Guda Takai, a WHO doctor investigating polio cases in Kano, told the Baltimore Sun, ‘What is happening in the Middle East has aggravated the situation. If America is fighting people in the Middle East, the conclusion is that they are fighting Muslims’ [16].”

– The search technique I used was Google search.
– The rumor created by the Muslims to inform people of the supposed, “HIV viruses and anti-fertility drugs,” in the polio vaccines stemmed from the mistrust the Muslins expresses towards America. The Muslims lack faith in America because of the war in Iraq, and that if we (America) are in a war with the Middle East then we are also “fighting Muslims.”
– The argument this excerpt supports is that people “in need” of the polio vaccine will not always accept it from the Americans, for many reasons other than “stubbornness.”

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One Response to A05 Part 1- Jodi Dziedzic

  1. davidbdale says:

    Thank you, Jodi, for this extremely useful link. I was hoping you’d use an academic search tool instead of Google, but it led you to this resource I was unaware of, so I’ve learned something from you. I’m grateful.

    Regarding your punctuation technique, I see how hard you worked to flip the single quotes to doubles and vice versa since your citation of the original turned everything upside-down. You did a great job until the end. Your double quote before “We believe” should be a single and should end with a single, followed by a double quote to signal the end of your paragraph-long quotation of the original material. Whew! 🙂 I know it sounds like quibbling, but you clearly do care about getting it right.

    One more: you should eliminate the [bracket numbers] when you quote source material. They refer to footnotes your reader can’t access except by visiting the original source.

    I believe you’re completely right that the argument supported by this article is that intended recipients have reasons other than stubbornness to resist the vaccine, Jodi. The article does not address the question of whether those reasons are reasonable, and neither do you, nor should you. To do so would be an entirely different argument. I admire your restraint.

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