Baker – Polio

I found this article through Google Scholar. It is about the boycott of polio vaccinations in Northern Nigeria. The article focuses on the public anxieties about the false rumors of what is in the vaccinations. There were rumors that claimed the vaccinations had HIV and anti-fertility drugs in them, which were completely blasphemous. Without vaccinating all of the people in Nigeria and related countries, polio will never be eradicated. The boycott has cost many people their lives and has cost them many hardships. I can see from the Nigerians point of view that it is hard to trust another country, especially the United States. It seems too good to be true that America would want to go to other countries to immunize their citizens.

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One Response to Baker – Polio

  1. davidbdale says:

    Thanks, Baker. I appreciate knowing how you found your source. Your claimless sentences will be part of a classroom workshop today that I hope will help you build more meaningful claims into your sentences.

    Meanwhile, if you want to revise this post for a grade improvement, tell me how you would use the material you find in this article to support a claim of your own.

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