Polio Source—Nicole Clark


I used google scholar which led me to ProfSearch for Rowan to find this article. The article is from The New England Journal of Medicine. The article describes how a study was conducted to see if the vaccination for measles, mumps, and rubella was a cause of Autism. The study was done on the population of children in Denmark between January 1991 and December 1998. Out of the 537,303 kids in the cohort 440,655 received an MMR vaccine. After the study was done, the relative risk of autism in the vaccinated children, compared with the unvaccinated children was 0.92 percent. In conclusion, the article provides strong information against the thought that the MMR vaccine causes autism. This is an evaluation claim because after all of the evidence found, it is stated that the vaccine does not cause Autism.

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One Response to Polio Source—Nicole Clark

  1. davidbdale says:

    Hey, Nicole! Thank you very much for “tracking” your search for me: Google Scholar led to ProfSearch, which led to the article from the NEJM. That’s fantastic and I truly appreciate your effort and report.

    The language in the abstract your link leads to is not immediately transparent to non-scientists, but I think you’ve offered a fair analysis of it here (without, perhaps, fully understanding it yourself), and your conclusion—that the study refutes a causal connection between vaccination and autism—seems perfectly reasonable.

    As much as I admire what you’ve done here, Nicole, I could help you phrase almost every claim you’ve made more directly, more clearly, and more effectively. Please choose a conference date and time if you want detailed feedback.

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