Polio Source- Rick Casario


This is an article about the on going battle against Polio that is believed to be coming to a close as the year 2000 is approached. There is still concern though that it can still transfer and transform into what is called a “wild-type neurovirulence”. The authors in the article examine “OPV transmissibility available from household and community transmission studies and from mass-vaccination experiences.” Unfortunately this is not the case for the modern day.

– I used Google Scholar to find this text
– The article is before the year 2000

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2 Responses to Polio Source- Rick Casario

  1. davidbdale says:

    Thanks, Rick.

    Hmmmmm…. This is an article from before 2000 that predicts the end of the effort to eradicate polio?

    15 years later, or so, what is the value of this article? It’s certainly not useful in the same way an article written in 2013 would be that predicted the imminent eradication of polio. The value of the older source must be that, somehow, its prediction was incorrect. Is that why you’re citing it? If not, you’ll need to explain why not.

  2. rickc1030 says:

    I may actually change the source. Reading through it again I’m not sure if I could write to my best on this. My revisions shall follow on here soon!

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