Polio Source – Adam Tutolo


The author in this article is making a claim that the current vaccine being used for polio is doing more harm then good. He states that “The risk of contracting polio from the live virus vaccine is greater than the risk of acquiring the disease from naturally occurring viruses” This is an evaluation claim because the author is comparing the live virus vaccine to no vaccine at all. The author is pushing for a new vaccine to be used globally. While the new Salk vaccine will begin being used, the old vaccine will continue to be used in developing countries. The author states that the risks of vaccines do not become evident until decades after there initial use.

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2 Responses to Polio Source – Adam Tutolo

  1. davidbdale says:

    You don’t say how you found this source, Adam. I recommended using an academic search tool of some sort. What did you use?

    Oh. My. God. What an awesome claim. The risk to one individual recipient is greater than the risk of not receiving the vaccine. That is breathtakingly persuasive.

    Your description doesn’t provide us even the hint of enough information to assess the benefits or disadvantages of “the new Salk vaccine,” Adam, so your summary is almost worthless in that regard, but what a remarkable new argument you bring to the table. (I take that back. You bring it to the front door. If you had told us what we need to know, you’d have brought it to the table.)

    Please bring this topic to the class today. Thank you.

  2. adamtwths says:

    Professor, I re read the article and i am going to re write the summary

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