Polio Source – Anthony Matias


I found this article while doing a Google search on “Is the Polio vaccine harmful,” I was suspicious to why the people of Nigeria didn’t want the vaccine because it would put a halt to the deaths of many children.  This article gives good evidence in why the vaccine could be harmful to the people who receive it by bringing up two main arguments, “Vaccine-Caused Polio on the Rise and The Polio Vaccine’s Cancer Link.”  This article provides good information that recieving the oral vaccination ay lead to a vaccine derived virus which may cause acute flaccid paralysis. Also, many polio vaccines were for to have traces of the monkey virus which has been shown to lead to some cancers such as, brain, bone, lung, and lymphatic cancers in children and adults.  This article shows that there is  some reason to be concerned over the vaccines that we are forcing upon the people of those nations because they are uncertain about what the vaccine might do to them.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Thanks, Tony. This is a useful link. I recommended an academic search tool. Are you comfortable with any? You’ll need to use them for your own research paper.

    Pay attention to your use of the word “because,” Tony. You attach it inappropriately to clauses it shouldn’t explain, creating confusion for readers. There’s no way you can say that reducing child death is a reason to resist the polio vaccine, but that’s what your sentence says.

    Expect to see this sentence used in a workshop today.

    I try to look past small language problems in small assignments, Tony, but the truth is, there are no small assignments. If you say “good evidence in why,” and “vaccines were for to have traces” in writing you submit to a class for a grade, the evidence suggests you’ll be sloppy when all your chips are in too. Make it a habit to proofread and correct even “small” posts before you publish, please.

    Are you making an evaluation claim of your own, Tony? What does it mean to say, “there is some reason to be concerned”? This is not a rhetorical question. I want to know what it means. Is there “reason to be concerned” that a plane might fall from the sky into my bedroom? Yes. Planes fall. To earth. My bedroom is on earth. A plane falling to earth could hit my bedroom.

    What’s left to decide here is:

    • Do the people have concerns?
    • Are the concerns reasonable?
    • Will they act similarly regardless of whether their concerns are reasonable or unreasonable?
    • Can we meet our objectives despite their concerns?
    • Do we need different strategies to overcome reasonable objections than to overcome unreasonable objections?

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