Polio Source-Kirsten Smith


The article that I found is from the Global Polio Eradication Initiative and it is titled, 99% is Not Enough. This article is from 2010 and it is about how the world is so close to being polio free, but because of a lack of funding, it is getting hard to finish off the last one percent. The article also states that the reason why the GPEI wants to eradicate this particular disease is because they have the opportunity to “improve the world in a permenant way”.

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2 Responses to Polio Source-Kirsten Smith

  1. davidbdale says:

    Thank you for your link, Kirsten. I like this site. I was hoping for something you found using an academic search engine of your choosing, but since you don’t describe your method, I can’t tell. How did you find it?

    We need to work on your quotation mark technique. Well, no, you do. The errors you’ve made here will cost you grade points later. Ask what I mean if you’re curious (or suffer; it’s up to you 🙂 ) .

    You’ve taken a really clear claim and “mealy-mouthed” it, Kirsten. The subtitle of the article you source is “As polio eradication launches plan to tackle the final 1%, funding threatens historic achievement.” Your translation from that to “is about how” and “is getting hard to finish off” blunts the sharp edge of the original assertion. If anything, you want your assertions to be sharper than those in the original.

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