Polio source – Rory O’Connell


To find my paper I did a Google search for “polio vaccine” and found this NPR article. The article talks about the U.N. stopping vaccination in Pakistan because of multiple attacks on health workers. It also mentions U.N. members having concern over health workers safety and concerns for their lives. The article is making a Consequential claim because they ask if vaccinating Pakistan puts health workers in danger.

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One Response to Polio source – Rory O’Connell

  1. davidbdale says:

    Thank you, Rory, for this valuable source.

    Very shortly, if you don’t already, you’ll know that I have a violent and negative reflex reaction to the phrases “talks about” and “also mentions.” I’m telling you that here in case you ever want to revise this post for a grade improvement.

    Does NPR condone this reaction by Palestine. Does it condemn the vaccination postponement as gutless? Does it simply report the situation without expressing any attitude?

    This may very well be a consequential claim, Rory, but claims don’t ask questions: they make declarations. If this article in face makes a consequential claim, it must be either to claim that vaccination efforts put health workers in jeopardy or that they do not.

    Finally, how would you use the material in this article to support a claim of your own?

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