Polio White Paper – Billy Kluge


After doing an internet search on problems with polio eradication I came across the news article “Polio’s Last Stand: Bill Gates is bent on eradicating the disease, but the war isn’t going well” written by Fred Guterl. The article provides numerous claims about polio. It explains defines the disease well and discusses the issues that have been occurring while trying to rid the world of it. Bill Gate’s who has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to eradicate the problem has been experiencing issues such as unidentified cases and paranoid civilians of foreign countries. Efforts in removing polio from the world have been strong but as of right now it doesn’t seem to be a possibility.

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One Response to Polio White Paper – Billy Kluge

  1. davidbdale says:

    Thanks for your post, Billy. It’s a good source. I was hoping for material you found using an academic search tool. By now I should be seeing much less of the language I warned against in “Try to Say Something,” such as: “The article provides numerous claims,” and “it defines the disease well,” and “it discusses the issues that have been occurring.” Replace all of this “warmup” language with actual statements of value to your readers, even in tiny writing samples like this one. The skills you practice here are essential and need to become habits.

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