Polio Source – Kevin Buttari

What Led to the Nigerian Boycot of the Polio Vaccine Campaign

In my search for an article about the problems involving the polio vaccination problem, I stumbled upon this article.  This article covers a good amount of protests against the vaccine. North Nigeria religious told citizens to stop getting vaccinated because the vaccinations could be contaminated with HIV, anti-fertility agents and cancer-causing agents.  They believe that because of 9/11 and the war in Iraq, America and its allies have reason to contaminate the vaccines.  People were also speculating that the vaccines were a ploy to gather information or hinder the growth of Nigeria’s population.  Due to the way the Nigerian political system operates, certain states were able to stop vaccination entirely.  To add to the suspicion, there were already accounts of a vaccine being administered without proper testing that, unfortunately ended with the death of 11 children.  Unfortunately, this lack of trust is severely inhibiting polio’s eradication.  To reestablish trust, local governments could become more involved with, and promote the vaccine’s distribution to ensure the public that American’s aren’t trying to poison them.  Hopefully, in the near future, Nigeria, and the rest of the world can become polio-free (and not hate western civilization).

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3 Responses to Polio Source – Kevin Buttari

  1. davidbdale says:

    It’s a good source of something, Kevin, but I’ve already linked to it in the sidebar under the Polio category. You need to find something new using an academic search tool of your choice. You could try again.

  2. kmbuttari says:

    I need a regrade on this, por favor

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