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In a search for articles pertaining to polio eradication I found this report about setbacks that vaccinators are facing in Nigeria. The article makes a number of different claims starting off with definition claims that describe the situation. The main argument is that, Nigeria, one of the very few remaining locations where polio exists, is having difficulties trying to eliminate the virus. It also tells us how these shootings on vaccinators is appearing to not be a very uncommon occurrence. Ultimately the article gets at proposal claims attempting to decide that if providing the vaccinations is worth risking the lives at stake.

Edited: New source/Kept old for reference


I used the Rowan Library services link to get to Science.gov which led me to a small print analysis about the creation of a scaled-down simulation of eliminating polio. A definitional claim tells us that “this lab-scale version should be representative of the large scale, meaning a scale-down model, to allow experiments for process optimization that can be readily applied.” This is new information to me because I never thought that experiments were set up in order to optimize vaccination and elimination. The biggest use for an experiment like this is to also test where it could fail.

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3 Responses to Polio Source – Mike Middleton

  1. davidbdale says:

    Thanks, Mike. This is a useful link, though it appears to be a dilution of the Guardian source, which, being more original, would probably be more trustworthy. You don’t say how you found it. I did recommend an academic search tool of your choosing so: which did you choose?

    I don’t seem to be able to convince you to make specific claims, Mike.

    • Nigeria “is having difficulties eliminating the virus” because the disease is resistant? Because they have no money to conduct vaccinations? Because their climate makes the kids more susceptible?
    • “these shootings” is how many?
    • “is appearing to be” means that it appears to you? or appears to someone else?
    • “not very uncommon” means common?
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  3. mmiddleton1 says:

    I hope the new source is better.

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