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“Many children injured by vaccination have an immune or metabolic problem that is simply made apparent by vaccines. “In some metabolically vulnerable children, receiving vaccines may be the largely nonspecific ‘last straw’ that leads these children to reveal their underlying” problems, the report stated.”

The article is yet another literary document arguing that science has proven, time and again, that vaccinations do not cause Autism, or other serious problems for children. It asserts that there is overwhelming evidence proving that the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine does not cause autism in children or create other health concerns. It concludes the fact that in many cases in which serious health problems occur for children after receiving so said vaccines, their bodies, which already have underlying medical problems that have yet to come to the surface, begin to show themselves. Meaning that the vaccines, if anything, only cause your body to reveal its own weakness, that would have most likely shown up later in life otherwise.
Similarly to how the rebellion against giving the Polio vaccination in the middle east started with rumors, there are still many many people that have an innate fear of vaccinations because they hear from ill-informed parents raging about their child being stricken by disease thanks to a vaccination. Regardless of “The government [having asked] the medicine institute to assess the safety of vaccines a dozen times in the past 25 years,” the people still do not accept their assurance of safety as a trustworthy one. They do not trust the cake.

-The article came from The new york times, written in 2011 by Gardiner Harris.
-The entire feel of the article is one that supports vaccinations, and expresses a factual perspective on the real danger behind them, if there is one.

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3 Responses to Polio Source – Sammy kovnat

  1. davidbdale says:

    Thank you, Sammy; this is an important source. I was hoping for something you found using an academic search tool. How did you find it?

    I want to advise you, as I will do repeatedly because the lesson is not easy to learn, that every sentence should contain a valuable claim. Instead of

    The article that I found is one discussing the subject of Vaccines causing Autism, or other serious problems for children.

    you could tell us the thrust of the argument immediately:

    The article asserts that, once again, as it has many times, science has proved there is no evidence that vaccines cause serious illnesses such as autism.

    You say that the article “discusses,” “mentions,” and “puts forth.” I submit to you that the article “asserts,” “argues,” and “concludes.”

    Overall, your analysis is clear and illuminating, Sammy. I only want to help you clear out the qualifiers and make the boldest claims the material supports.

    I want you to proclaim the cake. 🙂

  2. kovnat77 says:

    Thank you for your comments. I went onto new york times website, and researched articles on autism caused by vaccination. I had to write an article last semester, and I remember when I used the academic search premiere on the rowan website, I got overwhelmed and frustrated by the amount of superfluous articles and overload of information that made me spend twice as much time on the homework assignment. In the future I will use an academic search tool to find an article.
    I am also not one to be very aggressive with my opinions, in relation to forcing them upon others, and so changing my language to a more persuasive dialect will take some brain training, but I will alter this with your provided suggestions, because having reread it, the suggested words give more punch to my writing.

  3. kovnat77 says:

    I Updated my white paper, to include your suggestions! just letting you know.

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