Critical Reading- Brianne Waters

0:05- 0:17 – “It may be without the donation of an organ, people will die, but it’s the nature of organ donation, that it’s a gift; it’s not a duty”

  • Anthony uses a causal claim saying that without the donation of an organ, people will die.
  • He then uses a definition claim stating that donating an organ is a gift.
  • He then uses an evaluation claim comparing donating an organ as a gift and donating an organ as a duty.

0:22- 0:32 – “I’m a Catholic, and I’m not on the organ donation register because I’m very concerned about the danger of euthanasia and the state having rights over my body after death”

  • Anthony associates organ donation with euthanasia.
  • Anthony uses a causal claim saying that being on the organ donation register will cause euthanasia and the state having rights over his body.
  • By beginning this statement of many claims with the fact that he is Catholic, Anthony associates his religious beliefs with his fears of being an organ donor.

0:33- 0:56 – “We have seen over a number of years a move towards euthanasia by removing food and fluids and reasonable medical treatment. So it is not unreasonable to be worried that the end of people’s lives are being hastened and that one of the motivations for that will be organ removal.”

  • Anthony is using a resemblance claim to compare an increase in euthanasia and a desire to end the lives of organ donors for their parts.
  • Anthony fails to mention what euthanasia is and why it is done. Euthanasia is the intentional and painless killing of someone with an incurable and painful disease or someone in an irreversible coma. This practice is often done in order to relieve the patient from any pain that they feel in order to stop their suffering. It is illegal in most countries but when it is done, the doctors are given full consent by the patient or loved ones of the patient. Anthony seems to be claiming that doctors will perform euthanasia on an organ donor in order to speed up their death and to use their viable organs.

0:57- 1:27 – “I feel so strongly about this issue that I carry a card which says that I refuse consent for organ removal because I believe it is too risky to be an organ donor in the current climate. Also, our bodies are temples of the holy spirit and so it simply not for the state or the medical profession or anyone else to dispose of bodies or their organs as if the body was simply a used car used for spare parts.” 

  • Anthony claims that his strong feelings towards the issue have caused him to carry a card refusing organ removal.
  • He claims that being an organ donor is too risky in the current climate.
  • Anthony claims that because our bodies are temples of the holy spirit, no one else has the right to use the body. (Except for God?)
  • He claims that as an organ donor, you subject your body to be available to the state, medical professionals, and pretty much anyone.
  • Anthony also claims that if a person is on the organ donor register, that whoever gets your body can simply dispose of it after getting the organs out similar to just putting your body in the garbage.

1:29-1:48 – “It is my hope that rapid advances in medical science such as adult stem cell research will one day eliminate the need for organ donation. We need to be promoting ethical areas of medical science, not now giving rights to the state over our bodies after death.”

  • Anthony claims that stem cell research will cause an elimination of the need for organ donation.
  • He also claims that adult stem cell research is rapidly improving.
  • Anthony gives an evaluation claim comparing the ethical practices of adult stem cell research to the (unethical?) practice of organ donation.
  • He continues to replace the words organ donation with giving the state the rights over your body which gives a negative connotation towards organ donation because it makes the reader feel like you’re just giving yourself up for the government slaughterhouse when you choose to be an organ donor.

In conclusion, this video is full of claims. Anthony claims mostly that organ donation is an unethical practice, a permission for mediocre medical care, a sacrifice of your body to anyone, a gift, and a temporary fix until stem cell research is even more advanced. He uses all of these claims to put a negative spin on organ donation in itself not really addressing if he believes it should be compulsory or not but since he does not believe in the practice itself you can conclude he does not enjoy the idea of it being an automatic entry into the register. I personally believe his claims are ridiculous without any real facts backing them up.


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One Response to Critical Reading- Brianne Waters

  1. davidbdale says:

    Wow, Brianne! This is fantastic. Thank you for providing such a good example. You’ve set the bar very high for your classmates. I’m impressed.

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