Critical Reading- Nicole Clark

“My name is Komal Adris and I am a Muslim. I joined the organ donor register about a year and a half ago when a best friend of mine desperately needed a kidney, but there simply were not enough available.”

Komal Adris states that she is a Muslim. She tells us that she joined the organ donor register when she found out one of her best friends needed a kidney.

“Literalists have said if you can’t break the bones of the dead, then clearly you can’t cut up the body to actually harvest organs.”

Komal Adris states that Muslims reject donation.

“I wouldn’t support a compulsory system. I don’t agree with making people feel emotionally blackmailed to sign up. If people sign up knowing that they are able to change somebody’s life, to save somebody’s life, that’s far more powerful than, ‘I just forgot to take myself off the register.'”

Komal Adris claims that she does not support a compulsory system. She feels that people should sign up if they want to. She wants people to sign up knowing and wanting to change someone’s life and save someone, rather than being pressured into doing it.

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