Critical Reading – Sammy Kovnat

00:05 – 00:16

          Anthony Ozimic claims that despite the loss of life, the nature of organ donation should remain as a gift, and not a duty.

  • What is his experience with organ donation that make him a qualified opinion of the subject matter?
  • Has he experienced the loom of death due to organ failure before?

00:20 – 00:22 

          Ozimic States that he is a catholic.

  • What about being catholic defines his views on organ donation?

00:22 – 00:32

          Ozimic expresses how he is not on the organ donation register because he is “very concerned about the danger of euthanasia and the State having rights over [his] body after death”.

  • What does he believe the state will do with his body after death? (besides take his organs?)
  • Does he suffer from anxiety?
  • what fears of his are in part to Euthanasia?

00:33 – 00:56

          He explains his fears that since cases of doctors abusing the use of euthanasia have become more frequent in the passing years, that it will only go on the rise if they have the motivation of organ removal and transplant in the back of their minds (if organ donation and transplant becomes compulsory).

  • According to the Merriam Webster’s dictionary, Euthanasia is defined as “the act or practice of killing or permitting the death of hopelessly sick or injured individuals…in a relatively painless way for reasons of mercy.” 
  • So the term “mercy killing” has begun to be twisted, and manipulated in doctors eyes to do what they see fit?
  • He believes people abuse the power of euthanasia.
  • He highlights the fact that the principal of morality is stretched in hospitals where organ transplants are concerned.
  • Doctors take an oath to save lives, but in Ozimic’s eyes they put a bit less effort in when they know next door a dying person could really use your heart.

00:56 – 01:05

          Anthony Ozimic feels so strongly about organ donation, that he carries a card with him at all times that states his refusal of organ donation “before or after death.”

  • He takes no chances on his rights to keep his organs.
  • He must seriously mistrust the system.

01:06 – 01:10

          Ozimic declares he has his card with him at all times, because he feels it is “too risky to be an organ donor in the current climate.”

  • It seems he has lost his faith in fellow mans morality.
  • I wish he had gave more of an explanation than it being “too risky…in the current climate” as his reasoning.

01:10 – 01:27

          Anthony Ozimic defines the body as “the temple of the holy spirit,” stating that it is “simply not for the state, or medical profession, or anyone else to dispose of bodies, or their organs as if the body was simply a used car, used for some spare parts.”

  • He paints a pretty bold picture of how he views organ donation in his last sentence, but I imagine the organ removal process is done with tender care, paying respect to the life lost.
  • His statement about the “used” really twists the viewers perspective on organ donation, and what in many cases it is comparable to.
  • How does he know that the process of removal is as simple as just swapping spare parts, i believe that he should take a seat in the gallery of an operation once in his life, and see how it is being done. It may not be as simple, and withdrawn from compassion as he makes it out to be.




(It took me a long time to analyze the video, i am going to work some more before class later as well)

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2 Responses to Critical Reading – Sammy Kovnat

  1. kovnat77 says:

    01:27 – 01:39
    He hopes that in the coming years rapid advances in stem cell research will one day eliminate the need for organ.

    – As an individual who does not believe in compulsory organ donation, Ozimic backs up his belief by stating an alternate plan for the future.
    -His wish is also a bit of a cop out, since we do not know how long we must wait for this research to become not only concrete, but available to the people.
    -How many lives is he willing to sacrifice to this “gift giving” waiting game?

    01:39 – 01:48
    Anthony Ozimic Claims that we must promote ethical areas of medical science, and not hand over the rights to our bodies to the state (before or after death).

    -This man does not trust the state…this much is evident.
    -He believes that there are other options to save lives besides cutting and pasting organs.
    -If i knew more about Catholicism, I believe that I would be able to make many more conjectures against his arguments due to him contradicting his religious beliefs.

  2. davidbdale says:

    Extremely impressive, Sammy.

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