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A10: Definition (or Categorical) Essay

Your first Short Argument, due TUE APR 02, will make an argument essential to your Research Paper, which will be due THU APR 25. You’ll write three short papers in preparation for that longer assignment, each one proving something essential … Continue reading

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Sample Works Cited

Beginning with the Definition Essay, your Shorter Arguments and of course your Research Paper will have to include a Works Cited. Please understand this is different from a Bibliography, which identifies every source you consulted in your research. The Works … Continue reading

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Logical Fallacies

Student 01 is writing about the dangers of dietary supplements, which, because they’re not considered drugs, aren’t regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and can be sold without being proven safe. To make his case that such products are … Continue reading

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A09 Update: Revised White Paper—5 Sources

Revise White Papers before grading I’ve given you a chance to revise your White Papers before they’re graded, both for grammar and for content. The revisions are due Thursday before class, and I’ll start grading them Thursday. Don’t publish a … Continue reading

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Happy St. Baldrick’s Day!

Hello Everyone. I’m sure you’ve all heard by now about the St. Baldrick’s event going on tonight in the student center.  But just incase you don’t know all the details, I’m here to clarify. St. Baldrick’s is a non-profit organization … Continue reading

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Model for a Definition Essay

Before you begin to write your own, you’ll want to review the essential qualities of a good Definition Essay. 1. It’s an argument. I’ve told you before that all writing is argument, but now is always a good time to … Continue reading

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Icarus Lives! – Periphery

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