Research Proposal -Dan Primavera

Is Prozac a “white” drug?

Counter-intuitivity is a concept at which I find to be a confusing thing to grasp. To me it seems like a made up thing (the above word is but not the complete concept) and I just find it hard to connect things into this topic. Although I do believe that, I can confidently connect the issue of the prescription drug, Prozac, being considered a “white” drug into this idea.

Prozac was established as an anti-depressant in the late 1980’s and has since boomed into a billion dollar industry on its own. But, in its 26 year (1987-2013) existence on the drug industries perspective anti-depressant options, Prozac has not seen a fair share of diversity in its “patients.” More than 33 million people in the United States are prescribed to this drug every year and the number of people prescribed to it seems to climb every year, yet the factors of people being prescribed this drug seems to be irrelevant of a patients health, rather their race and health insurance status.

To help me further my study into counter-intuitivity I will research reasons as to why this prescribed drug, Prozac, stays and continues to prosper as a predominantly white drug when in fact it should just be used to aid those in need of a drug to suppress their depression.

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One Response to Research Proposal -Dan Primavera

  1. davidbdale says:

    Thanks for your post, Dan. This is a fine topic. The idea that a safe and effective drug is denied to patients for reasons other than their health or their tolerance for the medication sounds completely illogical and demands an explanation.

    May I please revise your first paragraph to eliminate everything other than the essential and appropriate information for this assignment? Thank you. Here goes:

    The topic of counterintuitivity is confusing at first, but the fact that Prozac, a prescription drug suitable for all races, is prescribed far more often to white patients than to non-whites is pretty obviously not intuitive.

    I’m going to go ahead and perform the same “conditioning exercise” on your second paragraph too, Dan. Please not how simpler statements both clarify your claims and make your overall argument more coherent:

    Prozac was developed as an anti-depressant in the late 1980′s and by itself is a billion dollar industry. But for 26 years Prozac has been disproportionately prescribed to white patients. 33 million US patients are prescribed Prozac annually, more every year, and patients’ race and the quality of their health insurance status determine who gets it, more than their health.

    I hope you find these models useful, Dan, because I’m going to provide another.

    There must be a reason Prozac isn’t being prescribed to depressed ethnic minorities whose overall health doesn’t rule it out. I’ll be looking for that reason.

    I’m completely in favor of your topic, Dan, and think it will provide good opportunities for research and valid argument. My only advice for you at the moment is to keep a sharp eye on your sentences.

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