My White Paper – Kenyah King Ho-Sang

Topic Background: Rape is unwanted, forced sex; sex against one’s will. It is a violation of the body and of one’s will. It is a violent and degrading crime. Of the cases reported, the most common rape victims are women, but men have been defining what does and does not constitute as rape over time. Some men say that a woman cannot be raped by her husband, because once they are married, she is like his property. Some men argue that if she does not move, then she could not have been rape. Men have been finding ways to get around what is and isn’t rape in rather interesting ways.

Working Thesis: Only a victim can assess whether they were raped or not. It should not be for the men to define what rape is, especially when men desensitize the seriousness of the crime.

Counter Intuitive Note: Men defining rape is counter intuitive because they are not the ones being raped. It is especially counter intuitive when in defining rape, they are passing it off as not as serious a crime, or trying to get around what constitutes as rape or not.

Topics for smaller papers:

Psychological Effects of Rape:

The effects of rape are long lasting. They can last a lifetime or for phases of the      victims life. The effects are serious and traumatic.

Rape Statistics

Men’s voices regarding rape vs. Women’s voice

Where I Am: I feel unsure if I have strong enough argument or a good focus for my paper. I’m still developing ideas on my subject. I am also researching how rape traumatizes victims to emphasize why it should not be desensitized. Providing a better understand of the seriousness of the crime may draw up more awareness and understanding as to why men should not be defining rape.

“If it’s inevitable, relax and enjoy it.”

1. Men Defining Rape: A History

This article illustrates the way the way that men have defined raped throughout history. All of the claims made are worth arguing. Ideas of rape and what it is or isn’t, or how the matter should be handled begin from the times before Christ, all the way to now to the Republicans.

Using this source will allow me to incorporate the way men have defined rape in my paper, and show how it adds to the desensitization of the serious crime.

2. Rape, the Most Intimate of Crimes

This article tells accounts of women who have been raped. It goes into defining rape and stressing the effects of rape. Rape cause psychological effects as well as physical. This article goes into detail expressing them.

Using this will stress the seriousness in the crime and why it is not okay for men to define rape, especially if the matter is made too light.

3. List of Rape Myths

There are many myths about rape, and many beliefs that are not true. This breaks down every myth that one may have heard about rape, and offers the truth about the rape to remove the validity of some of the things people believe.

Mentioning some of the myths and explaining why they are not true will help to further understand what rape is and what it is not, and it will clear all the myths that one may have believed prior to.

4. Rapper Condones Rape

Although the rapper denies that he meant that he raped a woman in his lyrics, it is difficult to believe how he could mean otherwise when in the song he mentions how he slips and drug into her drink, takes her home, enjoys her, and “she ain’t even know it.”

Even if in his heart he did not mean for it to sound like he openly raps about raping a woman, it is still an issue because that is the way it comes off. For him to even say that at all shows no sensitivity to the crime at all.  As a man, openly condoning that and having that released into the media does not spread a good message.

5. Effects of Rape

This article outlines both the physical and psychological effects of rape. Because rape causes both effects. It offers insight into the trauma a rape victim experiences after the crime.

Using this will stress the seriousness of the crime. It will aid in defining rape, and illustrating a better understanding so that it is not brushed off and so that people are sensitive to the issue. If one really understood the effects that take place after rape, maybe they could be more sensitive to it.

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6 Responses to My White Paper – Kenyah King Ho-Sang

  1. davidbdale says:

    Hey, Kenyah. With this topic, you (and Kailee too) have an opportunity to add real value to a very meaningful argument. Your contribution will be as valuable as your claims are precise. Reading over your Topic paragraph, I see ambiguities that need clarity.

    I’m wondering, for example, if sex we later regret is “unwanted sex,” or whether it can be considered forced or coerced. Even the difference between forced and coerced is critical. Obviously, physical restraint or the threat of grave harm to force sex is one thing, while blackmail to coerce sex is quite another, but both could be easily defined as rape, couldn’t they? So what at first sounds like saying the same thing three times is actually saying three different things with the same outcome, isn’t it?

    Here’s another ambiguity: is sex for money rape? It’s a commercial transaction in which both parties gain some benefit, and it could certainly be called consensual in that regard, but the actual sex act must quite often be “unwanted,” don’t you imagine? So if we accept your definition that unwanted sex is rape, we’re stuck admitting that anyone who engages in sex to achieve a goal other than sexual satisfaction is being raped. But that can’t be entirely true.

    Do you see how quickly a seemingly obvious, apparently straightforward claim can reveal its fuzziness, or worse, its entirely unwelcome consequences?

    You could provide a real service to the community if, starting from the premise that it’s counterintuitive to let men define rape, you produced a robust definition of your own to guide the courts (and give plaintiffs a better chance to prevail against their assailants).

    • kenyahkayy says:

      Alright, this is complete. And I also have a question.

      • davidbdale says:

        Thanks, Kenyah. How do I learn more about your question?

        • kenyahkayy says:

          On my grade sheet it says “withholding grade because of bereavement.” I don’t know what that means. I don’t know what “withholding grade” means. Do you need me to do that assignment or… is it too late or… ? (A05 Polio White Paper)

          • davidbdale says:

            I don’t want you to take a zero, Kenyah. The assignment is not particularly consequential. If you can do it, I will grade it. If not, I’ll leave the space blank so it won’t affect your grade one way or the other.

          • kenyahkayy says:

            Ok, thank you. I understand. I can do it.

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